AR 185 LFP C/F ø 32 code 31487

Semi-hydraulic four-diaphragm pump, for use with aggressive products in low pressure systems.
Parts in contact with pumped liquids in reinforced Nylon Kynar and AISI316L. Diaphragms in BlueFlex™. Seals in Viton®. Die-cast casing with oil-immersed mechanism and clear plastic tank for visual level checking. Remote level monitoring sensor on request. Remote oil tank installation kit available on request. Fitted with air-hydraulic damper for smoother operation and less hammer effect in the delivery circuit. Oil drainage stopper. Pistons with ring for a more efficient “oil cushion” system to protect the diaphragm. New-design diaphragm cut-out system to prevent contact tearing even in heavy-duty operating conditions. Spherical sector profile valves for lower flow resistance and improved volumetric efficiency. Rugged feet secured to pump casing. AISI 304 metal fasteners. Mass-produced safety valve and cardan protection. Available with pulley fixtures or flanges for hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps for overgears.

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