Agricultural division

Credibility, quality, reliability that have distinguished the AR shield as a symbol of Italian technology all over the world A complete range of diaphragm pumps for use with liquid fertilizers, spraying, atomizers, deicing, disinfestation, use on wheelbarrows, fire fighting and the Power Garden line: wheelbarrows, motor-driven pump assemblies, electric motor pump assemblies and 12 Volt pumps.


Industrial division

Annovi Reverberi piston pumps: compact, silent running, equipped with ceramic pistons to guarantee longer life and require minimal maintenance due to their reliability. This pumps can be associated with various accessories and equipped with hydraulic, petrol and electric engines including the Made in Italy Ravel electric motors, manufactured in a company belonging to the Group.


Cleaning division

AR Blue Clean. A brand ready to find new solutions in the cleaning industry sustaining a strong focus on innovation. Discover the full range of home and professional high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, ash cleaners and window cleaners.

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Italian craftsmanship and innovation

Italian craftsmanship and innovation

Combine italian workmanship with technological innovation.

We make innovation a cornerstone in our strategy by associating high quality standards and italian know-how in all our products to meet all customers’ needs.

We build the future through our experience. 

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Annovi Reverberi stands for maximum reliability

We believe that a quality and reliable service can lead a great group to success, Annovi Reverberi offers a post sale service extremely qualified and always available.

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Annovi Reverberi stands for maximum reliability

Quality and certifications

The Total Quality Management is a management approach used to achieve long-term success through customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, in which all the members participate in the optimization of processes, products and the quality culture of the organization.

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Agriculture & Industry Division
  • Via M.L. King, 3
    41122 Modena, Italy
  • Ph. +39 059 414411
  • Fax +39 059 253505
Cleaning division
  • Via Aldo Moro, 40
    41030 Bomporto, Modena, Italia
  • Ph. +39 059 8199 011
  • Fax +39 059 8199 000

AR North America Inc.

AR China Distribution Co. Ltd

  • 2nd Floor, Building 1, N 651 Jiangting Rd
    Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201404 China
  • Ph. +86 21 54846800

Shanghai AR Performance Pump Co. Ltd

  • No. 651 Jiang Ting Road
    Feng Xian District Shanghai - China
  • Ph. +86-21-54846100
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