Annovi Reverberi in Numbers

The global market is the challenge of our time. A challenge that Annovi Reverberi has made of itself for many years: since it began to tighten close partnerships with commercial structures considered as real partners, thus creating a capillary distribution network in Italy and abroad, and decided to position itself directly on the North American market and then the Asian one. From this attention and proximity to the needs of final customers derives its ability to meet specific and diversified needs both of technologically advanced markets and those in development. The presence in over 100 countries, in 5 continents, is the clearest proof of this and confirms the prestige of an Italian company that overseas 85% of its production abroad because it is able to guarantee consistently quality, professionalism and service. 

Annovi Reverberi in Numbers - Divisions
Production plants
Annovi Reverberi in Numbers - Production plants
Active clients



Number of employees in Italy, China and USA

Annovi Reverberi in Numbers - Number of employees in Italy, China and USA
Quantities Sold 2017

4 M
Assembly lines
Assembly lines
AR Group Total investiment plants and facility, software and R&D

Certifications and Trademarks

40 Design Patents
70 Technical Patents
200 Product Certifications
Annovi Reverberi - Prodotti Controllati

Total Revenues: 200M €

Annovi Reverberi - Grafico

Annovi Reverberi - Mappa

Annovi Reverberi - Industria


Present in 47 countries out of 50. 3 Production facilities. 43.9% in exports.

Annovi Reverberi - Nave

Sud e Centro America

Present in 19 countries out of 35. 5.7% in exports

Annovi Reverberi - Industria

North America

Present in 3 countries out 3. 1 Operative structure. 36% in exports.

Annovi Reverberi - Industria


Present in 35 countries out 51. 1 production structure. 1 Operative structure. 10,3% in exports.

Annovi Reverberi - Nave


Present in 20 countries out 54. 1,3% in exports.

Annovi Reverberi - Nave


Present in 15 countries out of 23. 2.8% in exports.


Agriculture & Industry Division
  • Via M.L. King, 3
    41122 Modena, Italy
  • Ph. +39 059 414411
  • Fax +39 059 253505
Cleaning division
  • Via Aldo Moro, 40
    41030 Bomporto, Modena, Italia
  • Ph. +39 059 8199 011
  • Fax +39 059 8199 000

AR North America Inc.

AR China Distribution Co. Ltd

  • 2nd Floor, Building 1, N 651 Jiangting Rd
    Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201404 China
  • Ph. +86 21 54846800

Shanghai AR Performance Pump Co. Ltd

  • No. 651 Jiang Ting Road
    Feng Xian District Shanghai - China
  • Ph. +86-21-54846100
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