BLACK+DECKER™ has a heritage of over 100 years designing innovative products that make DIY quicker and easier. 

The new collection of high pressure washers, water pumps and vacuum cleaners have been designed to allow you to tackle all home and garden tasks, and achieve high-quality results. BLACK+DECKER™ offers effective solutions for every DIY task, whether simple, everyday tasks or challenging DIY projects. What’s more, a full range of accessories are available which are designed to solve everyday problems and make life easier.


    • high pressure washer
    • vacuum cleaners
    • ash cleaners
    • water pumps


    Agriculture & Industry Division
    • Via M.L. King, 3
      41122 Modena, Italy
    • Ph. +39 059 414411
    • Fax +39 059 253505
    Cleaning division
    • Via Aldo Moro, 40
      41030 Bomporto, Modena, Italia
    • Ph. +39 059 8199 011
    • Fax +39 059 8199 000

    AR North America Inc.

    AR China Distribution Co. Ltd

    • 2nd Floor, Building 1, N 651 Jiangting Rd
      Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201404 China
    • Ph. +86 21 54846800

    Shanghai AR Performance Pump Co. Ltd

    • No. 651 Jiang Ting Road
      Feng Xian District Shanghai - China
    • Ph. +86-21-54846100
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