The new DEWALT range of High Pressure Washers offers ultra-efficiency and durability, and has been built to perform in the harshest conditions. By combining experience and innovation the new DEWALT range has been designed for professionals to complete the most demanding jobsite applications, providing maximum performance and reliability in the toughest locations. Every DEWALT product is tested at length by genuine construction professionals, under the most demanding jobsite conditions. DEWALT tools earn the right to be labelled Guaranteed Tough – in the hands of real users.


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Agriculture & Industry Division
  • Via M.L. King, 3
    41122 Modena, Italy
  • Ph. +39 059 414411
  • Fax +39 059 253505
Cleaning division
  • Via Aldo Moro, 40
    41030 Bomporto, Modena, Italia
  • Ph. +39 059 8199 011
  • Fax +39 059 8199 000

AR North America Inc.

AR China Distribution Co. Ltd

  • 2nd Floor, Building 1, N 651 Jiangting Rd
    Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201404 China
  • Ph. +86 21 54846800

Shanghai AR Performance Pump Co. Ltd

  • No. 651 Jiang Ting Road
    Feng Xian District Shanghai - China
  • Ph. +86-21-54846100
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