Quality and Certifications

Total Quality Management

For Annovi Reverberi the Total Quality Management means to be constantly engaged in improving the quality of products and internal processes to satisfy and even exceed the expectations of the customers. 

It is a management approach used to achieve long-term success through customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, in which all the members participate in the optimization of processes, products and the quality culture of the organization.

  • Customer orientation

    win the trust of the customers and keep it in order to prolong the success of the company over time.

  • Leadership

    Leaders at all levels stimulate people’s commitment to achieve the goals set.

  • Involvement and active participation of people

    working as a team in the interest of the company is important and it is essential that all people are competent and trained to provide value to the organization.

  • Process approach

    constant results can be achieved effectively and efficiently if systematically managed according to the logic of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

  • Improvement

    planning and prevention, rigorous quality controls on the production process, continuous specialization and innovation.

  • Decisions based on facts

    marketing analysis, customer feedback, economic indicators.

  • Managing relationships with stakeholders

    optimizing the impact of stakeholders on company performance ensures the achievement of long-lasting success


  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ATEX

  • EAC

  • CB Certification

  • GS Certification

AR Total Quality Flow


Raw materials

Annovi Reverberi chooses raw materials that meet high quality standards, controlled and internally processed in the production workshop to ensure high and durable performance. 



Annovi Reverberi works with the best suppliers present in Europe who possess quality system and product certifications.


Quality control

Annovi Reverberi guarantees the control of the different components coming from the suppliers and, after the mechanical processing and the assembly, every single AR branded product is tested before sending it to customers.



Annovi Reverberi operates nationally and internationally with a network of dealers, service centers and internal back offices to be constantly responsive to customers’ needs and support them by providing continuous assistance.

Trade Marks & Certifications

40 Design patents

70 Technical patents

200 Product certifications

100% Controlled products