STANLEY high pressure washers are the most robust tool for small professional jobs, including washing cars, cleaning facilities or work tools after a day on the job. Whatever the situation, STANLEY has the ideal solution for professional cleaning, helping you achieve the best result with the least effort. The rich collection of accessories is designed to simplify your work and reduce time and effort.

Whatever your needs, whether moving large amounts of  ood water or making use of water from wells or tanks, STANLEY has the right solution for any professional. STANLEY pumps work with dirty or clean water, and offer speed, control and performance.

The STANLEY range of Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners promise to deliver high performance and agility. The diverse product range offering, the various features such as the blower function, liquid drainage and the ability to connect to compatible power tools - drills, sanders and circular saws -, make the Wet & Dry STANLEY vacuum cleaners ideal for diverse applications: from woodwork to carpentry, plumbing or cleaning.


  • high pressure washer
  • vacuum cleaners
  • ash cleaners
  • water pumps


Agriculture & Industry Division
  • Via M.L. King, 3
    41122 Modena, Italy
  • Ph. +39 059 414411
  • Fax +39 059 253505
Cleaning division
  • Via Aldo Moro, 40
    41030 Bomporto, Modena, Italia
  • Ph. +39 059 8199 011
  • Fax +39 059 8199 000

AR North America Inc.

AR China Distribution Co. Ltd

  • 2nd Floor, Building 1, N 651 Jiangting Rd
    Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201404 China
  • Ph. +86 21 54846800
  • www.ar-china.cn

Shanghai AR Performance Pump Co. Ltd

  • No. 651 Jiang Ting Road
    Feng Xian District Shanghai - China
  • Ph. +86-21-54846100
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